🌍 Join Us at OIP-2023: Pushing the Boundaries of Open Innovation in Materials Design and Manufacturing! 🚀

📢 Call for Abstract 📢

We cordially invite researchers, industry professionals, and innovators from all corners of the globe to be part of the groundbreaking OIP-2023 conference. This exceptional event serves as a platform for you to share your cutting-edge research, innovative ideas, and successful case studies in the captivating realm of open innovation and collaborative decision-making in materials modeling, design, and manufacturing.

💡 Discover New Frontiers in Open Innovation and Collaboration

At OIP-2023, we seek to explore the fundamental principles of open innovation and collaboration, addressing the diverse challenges encountered by the industry through interdisciplinary approaches. We encourage you to submit your original contributions that shed light on the immense potential of open innovation in revolutionizing the materials design and manufacturing landscape.

🌐 Unveiling the Path to Success

We strongly urge authors to present their work in a manner that fosters openness, transparency, and collaboration. Accepted papers will be showcased in the conference program, providing a prestigious platform for you to engage in fruitful discussions and exchange knowledge with esteemed peers. Seize this opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and forge meaningful collaborations that can shape the future of materials innovation.

We encourage authors to present their work in a manner that promotes openness, transparency, and collaboration. Accepted abstract will have the opportunity to be showcased in the conference program, providing a platform for fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange.

Submission guidelines and important dates can be found on our conference website. We look forward to receiving your contributions and fostering an environment of open innovation at OIP-2023. Together, let’s push the boundaries of materials design and manufacturing through interdisciplinary collaboration and shared insights.