Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers

Prof. Dr. Rudy Koopmans : Director of the Plastics Innovation Competence Center

Prof. Dr. Rudy Koopmans, Director Plastics Innovation Competence Center – CH (Since 2016); Professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland – (HEIA-FR) – Fribourg – CH (Since 2016); Visiting Professor ETH Zürich – Materials Science Dept. – CH (Since 2012); Koopmans Consulting GmbH – CEO – CH; Expert Evaluator for EU Commission Horizon Europe Framework. (since 2002); Member of Assembly EU Mission Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters. (2019-2021); Founding member European Materials Modelling Council. (2014-2018); Board member of Swiss Plastics Cluster. (Since 2017); Board member of KATZ – Kunststoff Ausbildungs und Technologie Zentrum Aarau (CH). (Since 2019); Member of Scientific Advisory Board at Catalisti for Flanders Region. (Since 2019). Published: 6 Books, 70+ papers & 22 filed patents.

Dr. Amaya Igartua: Coordinator of Materials Iniciatives in TEKNIKER. Co-secretary of European Materials Platform (EUMAT) and the Alliance for Materials (A4M).

Dr. Amaya Igartua, a distinguished figure in the world of materials science and tribology, holds the role of coordinator of materials research initiatives at Fundación TEKNIKER. She also serves as a core team member within the AMI2030 initiative and IRISS Network of safe and sustainable by design materials, products and processes.. She is also co-secretary of the European Materials Platform (EUMAT) and Alliance for Materials (A4M), demonstrating her commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in the field of R&D&I. With a career spanning over three decades, involved in more than 60 EU Projects, Amaya has played a pivotal role in advancing research and development.

Dr Elias Koumoulos: Managing Director of IRES- Innovation in Research and Engineering Solutions

Dr Elias Koumoulos is the Managing Director at IRES – Innovation in Research and Engineering Solutions. With a background in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Technology, he has dedicated his career to researching advanced nanostructures and coatings, with a particular focus on nanomechanical properties. His diverse interests encompass nanomaterials, polymers, R&D, quality control, and production process design, making him a leading figure in the field.

Dr. Steffi Friedrichs: Director of AcumenIST, BE

Dr. Steffi Friedrichs (AcumenIST, BE) is a distinguished expert, policy advisor, and business leader with over two decades of experience in the field of emerging technological innovation. As the visionary founder and Director-General of the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), she pioneered innovative approaches to advocate for technology-based companies on the global stage. Her contributions include fostering extensive public-private collaborations and shaping international and national regulatory frameworks. Steffi’s impactful work extended to the OECD, where she played a pivotal role in defining, assessing, and guiding policies related to biotechnology, nanotechnology, and converging technologies. Steffi holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford, specializing in nanotechnology. Her impressive journey encompasses leadership roles at esteemed institutions like the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, underlining her dedication to advancing science and technology.

Dr Martin Thomas Horsch, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Martin Thomas Horsch is an associate professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) where he is affiliated with the Department of Data Science and the Materials Theory and Informatics Group.

His field of research and development is process data technology, i.e., physics-based and data-driven modelling and research data management with applications in chemical and process engineering. He studied computer science at the University of Stuttgart, obtained the doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Paderborn and the habilitation for computational engineering at TU Kaiserslautern (which is today called RPTU). In addition to NMBU, Martin Thomas Horsch is co-affiliated with the Thermodynamics Group at TU Berlin and the Computational Chemistry Group at UKRI STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

Dr Aron Kneer: General Manager of TinniT Technologies GmbH

Dr Aron Kneer is the General Manager of TinniT Technologies GmbH, located in Karlsruhe, Germany. With over two decades of dedicated service at TinniT, he has been instrumental in steering the medium-sized engineering company’s focus towards computation, numerics, heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, prototyping, and engineering. Aron’s expertise extends beyond TinniT, as he also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, teaching Fluid Dynamics for over 15 years.

Dr Zoi Kefallinou: Lead Engineer at Airbus in Filton, UK

Dr Zoi Kefallinou is a lead scientist at Airbus in Filton, UK, where she plays a pivotal role in aerospace innovation. Simultaneously, she serves as a Research Associate at the Corrosion and Protection Centre, University of Manchester. Her groundbreaking research delves into the intricacies of corrosion mechanisms within organic coatings and aerospace surface treatments, employing cutting-edge techniques such as EIS and localized electrochemical analysis. Zoi’s unwavering commitment to advancing aerospace technology underscores her position as a trailblazing figure in the field.

Professor Yacine Rezgui: Expert in the field of Urban Informatics and Digital Twinning

Professor Yacine Rezgui is a distinguished expert in the field of Urban Informatics and Digital Twinning. With a profound commitment to advancing knowledge in various domains, his research portfolio encompasses an impressive array of topics. His expertise extends to Building Informatics, where he delves deep into semantics, particularly in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Ontologies, coupled with Knowledge Management. Professor Rezgui’s work also extends into Building and District Energy Management, emphasizing the development of next-generation energy control systems.

Dr. Maddalena Rostagno: CEO of DIAD GROUP 

Dr. Rostagno career started in Centro Ricerche FIAT (IT), where as Project Manager her mission was the technology transfer towards FIAT sectors (IVECO, TEKSID, FIATAVIO, FERRARI) of new technologies in machining and stamping and in a second stage in surface engineering. After this experience, she moved to DIAD srl (IT) as Head of R&D where I coordinated the research activities of the company in FP5, FP6 and FP7.  Nest step has been co – funding TEKS sarl in France and TEKS SARL LTD in UK where she covered the role of director, managing the R&D activities in development of innovative technologies for composite manufacturing. Since 2012, she is Head of R&D of DIAD GROUP (IT), specialised in the design of components for the automotive and aeronautic sector with innovative materials (reengineering), where she became also CEO in 2019.

Franz Pirker: Business Development Manager at AC2T Research GmbH in Austria

Dr. Franz Pirker serves as the Business Development Manager at AC2T Research GmbH in Austria. In his role, he focuses on expanding new business avenues, overseeing the commercialization of intellectual property rights and software, as well as managing key accounting responsibilities. Furthermore, Dr. Pirker plays a pivotal role in coordinating the H2020 project i-TRIBOMAT (, which functions as an Open Innovation Test Bed for tribological materials characterization and upscaling. This project aims to pioneer innovative digital services and business models by integrating tribological characterization with materials upscaling through modeling and simulation.

Dr. Natalia Konchakova: Lead Scientist at Hereon.

Dr. Natalia Konchakova is a scientist and a leading figure in the field of materials science. She currently holds the position of Coordinator for the H2020 EU Project VIPCOAT, which stands for “Virtual Open Innovation Platform for Active Protective Coating Guided by Modeling and Optimization.” Dr. Konchakova’s career is marked by her dedication to advancing the understanding and application of materials modeling and simulation, particularly in the realm of lightweight metals and hybrid materials structures.

Dr Stijn Donders (Siemens Digital Industries Software, BE)

Stijn Donders is a Senior Research Engineering Manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software in Leuven, Belgium. He holds an MSc degree in Applied Physics from the University of Twente in the Netherlands and a PhD in simulation methodologies for robust automotive NVH design. Stijn is part of the 3D Simulation Division, focusing on materials engineering, structural analysis, and dynamics simulation. He contributes to external publications, including technology innovation blog posts, and is involved in IP-related activities. Stijn also collaborates with colleagues in the Materials and Acoustics R&D teams and participates in the “MacroModelMat” (M3) program, a Flemish R&D initiative for predictive modeling and simulation methods for lightweight materials systems.

Dr. Peter Visser : Innovation Project Lead at AkzoNobel

Dr. Peter Visser is an innovative leader and scientist in coatings technology, currently serving as Innovation Project Lead at AkzoNobel’s Expertise Center Corrosion in Sassenheim, Netherlands. Peter is an expert in active protective coatings, connecting science with product development, and leads innovation projects with global collaborations.

Dr. Thomas Exner: Chief Scientific Officer at Seven Past Nine

Dr. Thomas Exner is a distinguished scientist with a strong background in chemistry and computational research. Currently serving as the Chief Scientific Officer at Seven Past Nine, he also holds the same position at Douglas Connect GmbH, where he excels as a Research and Innovation Manager. Dr. Exner’s impressive academic journey led him to earn his Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from Technische Universität Darmstadt between 1991 and 2000. With a rich skill set encompassing molecular modeling, drug design, virtual screening, cheminformatics, computational chemistry, and more, he has made significant contributions to the field of science and technology.

Dr. Peter Klein : Lead Scientist at the Fraunhofer ITWM

Dr. Peter Klein is a distinguished scientist whose expertise lies at the intersection of physical modeling, molecular process design, optimization, and simulation. With a career spanning decades, Dr. Klein has made significant contributions to the field of process engineering, revolutionizing the way we approach the modelling of complex physical processes.

Professor Heinz A. Preisig: Head of the PSE group at the Chemical Engineering Department of NTNU, Norway

Professor Heinz A. Preisig leads the Process Systems Engineering group at the Chemical Engineering Department of NTNU. His primary focus lies in computer-based modeling, emphasizing their ubiquity in model-based engineering. He is renowned for developing computer-aided modeling tools that facilitate the systematic construction, manipulation, expansion, and simplification of process models. His innovative work has led to the creation of a hierarchical ontology-based software suite supporting graphical model construction, a library of process component models, and code generation for various target environments.

Professor Elefterios Lidorikis : Head of Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Ioannina in Greece

Professor Elefterios Lidorikis is an expert the field of Materials Science and Engineering, currently serving as Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Ioannina in Greece. He is a distinguished member of the Computational Materials Science Laboratory, contributing significantly to the advancement of this interdisciplinary domain.

Dr Frederico Maia: General Manager at Smallmatek

Dr Frederico Maia, a Chemist holding a PhD in Material Science, serves as the General Manager at Smallmatek, a pioneering firm specializing in Small Materials and Technologies in Aveiro, Portugal. His extensive expertise lies in the synthesis of multifunctional and nanostructured materials, with a remarkable ability to immobilize, transport, and release active compounds with precision. Frederico’s work is characterized by his skillful selection of encapsulation and immobilization methods, tailored to the physico-chemical properties of the active ingredients, ultimately leading to the development of innovative ‘smart’ materials for multifunctional coatings.

Professor Argiris Laskarakis: Head of the Organic Electronics Group at the Center for Organic and Printed Electronics Hellas.

Professor Argiris Laskarakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR) holds the position of Head of the Organic Electronics Group within the Nanotechnology Lab LTFN and the Center for Organic and Printed Electronics Hellas. His research is centered on the realm of Flexible Organic Electronics & Photonics, with a particular emphasis on Organic Photovoltaics, Organic Light Emitting Diodes, and Organic Thin Film Transistors.

Dr Marko Horvat research scientist at WIKKI LIMITED, UK

Dr Marko Horvat is CFD research scientist with extensive expertise in computational fluid dynamics. Currently based in London, England, he has been an invaluable member of WIKKI LIMITED since May 2021, contributing to a wide range of projects. Prior to this, Marko served as a Scientific Researcher at Politecnico di Torino in Italy for over three years, where he conducted groundbreaking research in the field of civil engineering.

Dr Dario Campagna : Head of Research and Development at ESTECO s.p.a

Dr Dario Campagna is the Head of Research and Development at ESTECO s.p.a, where he has embarked on a remarkable journey. Holding a PhD in Computer Science since 2012, he initially joined ESTECO as a developer, later transitioning into the role of Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Dario has made significant contributions to regional and European-funded research projects, specializing in Business Process Management and research project administration. As of September 2021, he assumes responsibility for both EU and regional projects, applying agile methodologies to advance computer science research.

Professor Bořek Patzák: Vice Dean for Science and Research at CVTU Prague

Prof. Dr. Ing. Bořek Patzák, a distinguished professor at Czech Technical University in Prague, serves as Vice Dean for Science and Research. Prof. Patzák is renowned for his contributions to high-performance computing and software development, having authored the open-source finite element simulation code OOFEM and the multi-physics integration platform MuPIF. His expertise extends to parallel computing, finite element analysis, solid mechanics, and computational structural mechanics, making him a leading figure in the field of engineering and computational mathematics.

Dr Davide Di Stefano : Senior Project Manager in the Research & Development Department at Ansys.

Dr Davide Di Stefano is a Senior Project Manager in the Research & Development department at Ansys. He specializes in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering with extensive research experience in computational materials science, with a focus on discrete modeling. Davide earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in theoretical physics from La Sapienza University of Rome, followed by a PhD in physics from the University of Freiburg. After completing his PhD, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Université catholique de Louvain, where he concentrated on creating and screening databases for novel materials in battery applications.

Dr Jesper Friis: senior scientist in the Materials Physics group at SINTEF in Trondheim

Dr Jesper Friis is a senior scientist in the Materials Physics group at SINTEF in Trondheim. His extensive expertise spans multiscale modeling, from atomistic to microstructure levels, and digitalization. He boasts a wealth of experience in EU projects and currently serves on the board of directors of the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC). His research areas encompass data-driven material science, aluminum, solar cells, batteries, and metal dusting, with main competences in ontologies, interoperability, atomistic modeling and microstructure modeling.

Professor Emanuele Ghedini. University of Bologna, Italy

Professor Emanuele Ghedini has actively contributed to numerous national and international research projects in materials modeling and has held leadership roles, including Project Coordinator for H2020-NMP-20-2014 NanoDome and H2020-DT-NMBP-09-2018 SimDOME. He also collaborates on various H2020 initiatives, focusing on ontologies for applied science and industrial applications. His research contributions are reflected in approximately 70 refereed papers in international journals. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in developing the EMMO ontology as part of the EMMC initiative.

Dr. Otello Maria Roscioni : Scientific Consultant at Consultant at Goldbeck Consulting, UK.

Dr. Otello Maria Roscioni is a Scientific Consultant with a strong background in materials science and research. Currently based in Cambridge, England, he has been serving as a Full-time Scientific Consultant at Goldbeck Consulting since January 2022, bringing almost two years of valuable expertise to the team.

Professor Georgios Konstantopoulos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Professor Georgios Konstantopoulos is a chemical scientist, holding a PhD from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. His primary research interests encompass the green synthesis and characterization of 1D and 2D carbon nanostructures, along with nanoreinforced composites. Additionally, he excels in process optimization and upscaling, nanoindentation, and employs informatics in Materials Science using AI.

Professor Mauricio Camargo : Full professor at University of Nancy, France and Director of ERPI Laboratory (Research team on Innovative processes.

Mauricio Camargo is full professor on Management of Technology and Innovation at the Ecole Nationale en Génie des Systèmes Industriels of Nancy (The Industrial Engineering School of the University of Lorraine -France), and researcher at the ERPI Laboratory (Research team on Innovative processes). BSc. On Chemical Engineering Universidad Nacional de Colombia. PhD on Automatics of Industrial and Human systems form the Université de Valenciennes et de Hainaut Cambresis in France. His main research interests are; New Product Development, decision making in innovation processes and technology strategy. Its most recent project concerns multidimensional approaches of hydrogen applications as energy vector on Eco-districts.

Dr Damien Lenoble: Director of MRT at LIST, Luxembourg

Dr. Damien Lenoble is an expert in materials physics. Currently serving as the Director of Materials Research and Technology at LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology).

Fajar J. Ekaputra, Institute for Data, Process, and Knowledge Management at Vienna University

Fajar J. Ekaputra is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Data, Process, and Knowledge Management at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and a Postdoctoral researcher at the Data Science research unit of TU Wien, Austria. He dedicated his career to developing methods and tools for producing reliable data that effectively addresses complex requirements, questions, and needs using Semantic Web technologies. This aim is reflected in his research, which is consistently situated on both the foundational aspects and novel adaptations of Semantic Web technologies to provide reliable data for further use. He has co-authored more than 60 peer-reviewed papers in various venues in the last ten years, including top-tiered conferences and journals, out of which 3 won best paper awards.